Please take a moment to check out BBHP's customer cars. If you have purchased a kit and or had installation service performed at BBHP and want to show it off, email us your photos

BBHP #1, my '91 Caprice 9C1. I had no idea what I was getting into when I started this conversion, which also included the aluminum head LT1 from a '94 Camaro.

Owner: Josh Korsower
URL: http://www.bigfastcar.com

BBHP#2, a '96 Impala SS, served as the prototype for parts specifically for the six speed conversion kit. As of winter, 2001, the owner had put over 75,000 trouble free miles on the conversion.

Owner: Norm

BBHP #3 is a '95 Impala SS. The owner had already installed an LT4 engine, but that wasn't enough - the attention to detail in Bruce's work is scary good! Check out Bruce's site.

Owner: Bruce
URL: http://www.lakeariel.net/impala/

BBHP #11 is another bad ass ride. Everything on this car is done to perfection, and nothing was left untouched. At only 20,000 miles, the paint was totally redone, and the results are incredible. Installing the kit was a bit daunting, as the underside of his car was cleaner than my garage floor!!

Owner: Russell

BBHP #5 was converted in less than 24 hours. Paul drove into my garage Friday night, and drove home Saturday night. In between we managed to get a full night's sleep, and I even squeezed in a driving tour of Washington, DC (it's much better in the middle of the night!). Paul has logged more hours under Impala's than I have, now he can add a 6 speed installation to his list.

Owner: Paul

BBHP #17, now on the road with 4.10's and a complete suspension makeover, including monster front and rear sway bars. This car is available for sale, so drop me a line if you're interested. The wheels are stock Impala units, sans center caps, and painted black - the outer rim is left in stock silver finish, and leaves the rim looking super wide. Wilwood 13" front rotors with 4 piston calipers stop this puppy in record time. Don’t' worry, I've already removed the push bumpers.

Owner: Josh - again
URL: http://www.bigfastcar.com/turnkey.asp

BBHP #21 hails from California. Check out all the custom stuff done to this car. He's an autocrosser too.

Owner: Ed

BBHP #23 is a beautiful cherry red Impala with which the owner competes in open road racing. Check out his site for pics of his roll bar. Pretty extreme!

Owner: Jared
URL: http://www.95impalass.com

BBHP #26, the 7th installation I've performed, was completed in November, 2001. I put up a lot of installation pictures, take a look.

Owner: Dave
URL: http://www.bigfastcar.com/dave.asp

BBHP #85 is close to BBHP's home in Maryland. This '96 Impala is super clean!

Owner: Brad

Basim's '96 is lovin' life out in California - check out his site for a ton of pics of BBHP #83!

Owner: Basim
URL: http://www.jaber.net/impala/

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